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Hello everyone, I get asked the question how did you make it to 21 years of marriage all the time!  It's simple but it takes work.  God has laid on my heart to blog about this topic in 2018.  If you are interested stay tuned for helpful relationship tips.

Walking Into Your Now

Feeling like you are stuck or can't catch a break?  Well there are things you can do starting with prayer.  You can't worry about the past!  Step into your now by claiming and change over your life.

Reason for the Season

We must remember the reason for this Holiday Season!  Jesus Our Lord and Savior.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so embrace each and everyday to the full potential.  Each day is a new day to get it right and get in great standing with the Lord!


We must continue to stand on God's word!  I am asking for special protection over our children this summer.

Women of God on the Move

Women of God it's you season, and no matter what the situation look the wait is over. 

Balancing Your Life

People often ask me where do I get the time?  My response is always balance.  List what is important to you and spread your 24 hour day among them all.  Do I get tired of course, but I continue to ask the Lord for daily strength to keep moving forward.

We must remain focused at all times!  Events and Trial will try to take you off course but you have to remember to stay on track.

How are you balancing your life?

Helping Others

When was the last time you help someone? Made a donation to a particular cause?  Helping Others is of Love and Love is of God!  Have a blessed day. 

Prayer Breakfast 2014

The Power of the Holy Spirit Flowed like never before on Saturday, May 17, 2014..  Thank you to all the program participants and attendee's!  Bishop D. Hogan preached the word of God and Chains were truly broken! 

Prayer Breakfast Countdown

Soul-Lifted Sisters it's time for us to "Break Chains" ...It's time for us Women of God to be Free!

Thursday Night Prayer

What a great night of Prayer!  God is so good and His mercy endures forever and ever!


Praise the Lord!  We were able to fed over 150+ today!  1 Soul Saved!  God is great and His mercy endures forever! 

20 Positive Tips for 2014

1. Stay Positive. You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible.
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1st Day of 2014

Knowing the Power of Prayer!  Share your testimony!

The Power Of Prayer

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Year End Message

Greetings Soul-Lifted Sisters:  Today is the last Sunday of the Year!  Our Count down to 2014 kicks off today! 
Are you ready to increase your "Prayer Life"? Are you ready to say "Yes" to God? Are you ready to fully "Serve Him"? Are you ready to "Help Your Community"? 
Confess and declare change is on the way 2014! Know that you serve a mighty God who has promised you abundant life!  Declare with your mouth that you shall be healed, declare with your mouth you will no longer suffer from depression, declare with your mouth you will take back everything the Devil has stolen from you!  Lastly, declare All Chains shall be broken in 2014!
2014 Mission and Vision:  Next year, we strive to provide more to our community.  This will only be possible with your financial support and volunteer service.  In 2014, we plan to expand our Outreach, Shelter Visits, and Workshops.
The key to the growth of this Ministry is You!  Please continue to invite others to join the "S"S" Journey. (also repost updates on your facebook page)
Thank you for your continued support and Love! 


Happy New Year's Soul- Lifted Sisters!

Blessing Others

Look what a $6.00 donation created!  Help us in our vision and mission to help others!

Food for Soul

Join Us Saturday, July 27, 2013 for "Food for Soul"!

Lord You Are Good

Lord you are good and your Mercy Endures Forever and Ever!