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Praise the Lord for He is Good and His Mercy Endures forever!

Soul-Lifted Sisters Prayer Ministry want you to know you are not in this fight alone. We are here to pray and help you through this difficult time.

In addition to praying with and for you, we would also like to bless you with a free "Chemo Care Pack". Our goal is to provide you with a few essentials to make your chemotherapy session more comfortable.

Please request your "Chemo Care Pack" for yourself or on behalf of someone today by competing the below.  

**Please note your information will remain confidential**.    

Name of Person Requesting Chemo Care-Pack: *

Requestor Email:*

Recipient First and Last Name:*

Recipient Address: *

Special Note:

Would you like recipient name added to our Prayer List.*

Would you like a Card of Encouragement instead of Care Pack?*

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